Cottage & House Rental – Short and Long Term Property Management and Maintenance

Southampton, Port Elgin and Area


We are proud to offer ‘Concierge’ service to our cottage and home owners by providing a full range of services that are both affordable and of great value to you.  From our first meeting to view your property, to our final year-end report showing you a full accounting of your income and expenses, we want you to feel confident with our ability to properly manage your property.

We provide Owners the following services:

  • Meet with you to view the property and give staging suggestions that may improve it’s marketability to achieve top dollar
  • Arrange for you all advertising and marketing exposure for your property and it’s availability schedule
  • Screen potential guests for suitability
    • FOR WEEKLY – A fee of 18% plus h.s.t of the weekly rate for the total rental period
  • Take the reservation along with the deposit/payment
  • Execute a written Rental Agreement between Huron Coast Properties and Guest for their Reservation
  • Provide to the vacationer a comprehensive package including map showing location of property and area amenities, House Rules for the rental property, brochures for local attractions and business, etc.
  • Inspect and document your property before and after the rental period to ensure no damage or theft occurred (normal wear and tear is expected)
  • Personally meet the guests when they arrive to hand over the key and personally introduce them to the property (when possible)
  • When the vacationer leaves, I personally meet with them to pick up the key (when possible) and inspect the property
  • Provide to you a statement of account with income and expenses along with net payment to you (upon request)
  • Provide you with feedback from vacationer as to their experience at your cottage
  • We are able to arrange for cleaners between Guests, at the Owner’s expense, if required
    • FOR MONTHLY – A fee of 13% plus h.s.t. of the monthly rate, each month during the Tenancy/Occupancy period for all rentals that are over 4 months long.  All rentals that are 4 months or less will be billed at 18% plus h.s.t.  If an extension of the period reaches past the 4th month, then the rate drops to 13% plus h.s.t.
    • For Rental Agreement 4 months or longer, the fee is 13% plus HST, of the monthly rental amount for the duration of the Tenant’s Occupancy and/or Tenancy, whichever is longer;
    • Any Rental Agreement that is less than 4 months, will be charged at a rate of 18% plus HST. Any extension of the Rental whereas the term reaches 4 months, the rate will drop to 13% plus HST.
  • Provide Owner with a written report/email on potential Tenant for Owner’s Approval
  • Execute a written Lease Agreement between the Owner and the Tenant for the lease period
  • Take a Deposit of one month to be used as the last month’s rent for the Tenant
  • Prepare and conduct with the Tenant, a Pre-Occupancy Inspection Report
  • Upon Occupancy, take the first month’s rent and issues receipts
  • Provide to the Tenant the necessary Landlord and Tenant Guide(s), batteries for CO2 detectors, etc.
  • Collect monthly rents and send to the Owner by predetermined method each monthly rent minus fees and expenses

Additional Services:

  • Arrangements can be made for Cleaning Service, General Cleaning and Maintenance, Lawn Care Services, Snow Removal, and Security Checks.  The cost of these services can be discussed in detail with a call to Kim at 519-832-2444
  • HCP also offers it’s Guests a Linen Service for a fee which includes providing Guests with beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, face clothes, dish towels and clothes as well as doggie towels, if needed.

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