Cottage & House Rental – Short and Long Term Property Management and Maintenance

Southampton, Port Elgin and Area

House Rules

Although each property has its own set of rules that you can see on the properties’ profile page, we have some general house rules and all of our Guest are expected to be in compliance with these rules.  Violation of any of these rules may result in the termination of your rental arrangement with no funds refunded.

Condition of the Property:

It is the responsibility of the Guests to inform the property manager immediately of any damaged or defective furniture, appliances, etc.  The property will be in a clean state when you arrive and you are required to have it back in the same state upon your departure.  Any excessive cleaning required will be at the expense of the Registered Guest and deducted from any Damage Deposit being held. Please keep in mind that this area is also home to many animals, ie. raccoons, bears, skunks, squirrels, etc. so any garbage left out will attract these critters.  Garbage and recycling containers will be available at the properties for your use.  All garbage is the responsibility of the Guest to dispose of.  Arrangements can be made in advance with the property manager if you would like us to dispose of it for you.  The municipality charges $2 per bag tag for each bag of garbage.

Use of the Property:

The use of tents and/or campers are strictly prohibited and will be removed immediately at the expense of the Registered Guest.  Any locked garages, bunkies, sheds, etc. are not to be tampered with.  Any violation of this rule will result in a formal complaint being made to respective authorities with all damages the responsibility of the Registered Guest.  Properties are not to be sublet without prior approval from the property owner.

Number of Occupants:

Each property has a maximum allowable number of occupants and are all occupants are considered “Guests”. No extra guests are allowed without prior approval from the owner.


Guest parking is allowed only in the designated parking area for each cottage.  Any vehicle parked on the lawns or street may be towed at the owners expense.


All guests are expected to be courteous and consider their neighbors when using the rental properties with respect to noise.  Many families vacation with young children and will appreciate quiet at a reasonable time.  Our local by-law states no noise is allowed before 7 am or after 11 pm.


Each property has it’s own policy with regards to allowing pets.  If it is not stated in the properties profile, it is assumed that pets are not allowed.  For those properties that do allow pets, all pets must be clearly stated upon Reservation for pre-approval.  Any damage occurring to the property as a result of a pet, will be the responsibility of the Registered Guest.


All homes/cottages/garages/sheds, etc. are non-smoking unless otherwise stipulated in the properties’ profile page.  Smoking outside the dwellings is allowed but please be considerate with the disposal of your cigarette butts!


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